Resume Writing

It is a well-known fact that HR managers and recruiters spend only a few seconds to skim through hundreds of received resume. Therefore, your resume must stand out and must catch their attention instantly.

What should a perfect resume look like? Are you interested which format or layout to use? The answer is simple: it should be individually tailored to you. If you want the resume to include the latest trends and also highlight your skills and knowledge suited for a particular job, entrust your resume to our team of professionals. Resume Writing includes: personal branding of resume, formatting, providing the information in the accurate manner, providing both print and electronic versions of the resume, providing proper paper-cases and business cards.

In order to fill out the Resume application form, follow the link:

Please note that the information provided in the link above serves as a base for the resume, so it is desirable to provide as detailed information as possible. It is possible to send the completed form to the following e-mail address:

Besides, please be advised that we offer a discount in case the resume is done online by filling out the application form.